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A quick word on travel and accommodation.  You can find all of this on the Wedding Info page, but to reiterate...

1. Accommodation and travel are not included in any of the prices.  Accommodation is billed at 100% and will likely be a low-key B&B/hotel booked by myself for the nights either side or after the wedding as required.

2. European flights are billed at the cost of the hold luggage.  There are no flight costs for weddings in the UK.  Inter-continental flights outside of Europe are billed at 75% of the whole flight.  Petrol is calculated at £0.45 per mile (HMRC rate) from the nearest home location (Verbier or Chelsea).  Rental cars are billed at 100%.

I'll calculate these costs and include them in the formal quote in addition to the prices above.

Both of these are fairly standard - I hope they are not showstoppers!

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If you would like to book me, a 40% deposit will confirm the booking.  I will also send you a contract, a payment schedule, bank details and an invoice will all be available.

Thank you again for your interest and I do hope that I'll be there to ensure you get some great wedding photography!

Thank you for filling all that out - laborious but necessary!

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I will shortly be in touch with you to run through the precise nature of what you are thinking, and then give you a totally bespoke quote.

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